If you need immediate help or have a pressing question, the Writing Center offers free 24/7 writing tutoring to all students in every course. No appointment is necessary. Tutors can answer questions related to brainstorming, understanding your assignment, organizing an essay, developing paragraphs, APA formatting, and many other writing-related topics.

To chat with a tutor follow these step-by-step directions:

Accessing 24/7 Writing Tutoring From Within Your Course:

  1. Click on the “Writing Center & Library” or the "Writing Center" link within your course.Click on "Writing Center & Library" link within your course.


  2. Click on the purple “Chat Now” button.Chat Now


  3. Select your course. If your course is not included on the list, select “All Other Courses.”Select your course


  4. Click on “Continue.” To skip this message in the future, check off “Don't show this message again.”Continue
  5. Click on “Meet with a Live Tutor.”Meet with a Live Tutor


  6. Wait for an available tutor. You’ll hear a bell when it’s your turn. While you wait, prepare your questions for your tutor.Wait for your tutor.


  7. Once your session starts, chat with a tutor in the chat box, or use the whiteboard to type or draw. If you want to use the microphone or the webcam, simply ask your tutor to enable those features.Use the chat and whiteboard features.


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