Keyboard shortcuts are a key or combination of keys that provides quick access to a particular function within a computer program.  Using these shortcuts can help you navigate your computer faster.

Here are some of our favorites: 

The Basics:

Copy: Ctrl + C. Paste: Ctrl + V. Cut: Ctrl + X. Undo: Ctrl + Z. Redo: Ctrl + Y. Select all: Ctrl + A. Zoom In: Ctrl + Plus Sign (+). Zoom Out: Ctrl + Minus Sign (-). Insert Hyperlink: Ctrl + K. Search Computer: Windows + F. Switch Programs: Alt + Tab. Bookmark a Website: Ctrl + D. New tab: Ctrl + T. Reopen a Closed Tab: Ctrl + Shift + T. Find: Ctrl+F. Clear Cache & Cookies: Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Writing & Formatting:

Double Space Text: Ctrl + 2. Single Space Text: Ctrl + 1. Hanging Indent: Ctrl + T. Block Quote: Ctrl + M. Run Spell Check: F7. View Word Count: Ctrl + Shift + G. Print: Ctrl + P. Save: Ctrl + S. Bold: Ctrl + B. Underline: Ctrl + U. Italics: Ctrl + I. Left Justify: Ctrl + L. Right Justify: Ctrl + R. Center Justify: Ctrl + E.

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